My name is Evelina. I have always liked to create something from nothing. From the age of 10, I was drawing in fashion magazines to improve the photographs. At the age of 12 I tried to create different kind of characters on myself and others who let me do that.Thats how it started.
I would like to say huge ”Thank you” to all my tutors :
Biruta Magele(International Academy of stylists, Latvia)
• Anna Roze(tutor of production,Latvia)
• Irina Zaiceva(tutor of TV and catwalk make-up, Moscow)
• Roberto Albertini(Make Up for Ever and Guerlain creative director, Italy)

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Hi there! I 'm Elvijs.
I want to create a revolution.
Revolution without standards and boxes.
Much,much emotions and colours.
Every day you can be, what you want to be.
Its like, you can play with stuff around you.
Be creative.

Kristīne Krauze Slucka

Kristine Krauze-Slucka is a photographer based in Latvia.
She speaks 3 languages, finished Professional school of Photography in Riga in 2011,
went to Berlin to learn fashion photography with Melissa Rodwell,
and now continues studies in contemporary photography.
Her main focus area is fashion photography, portraits and personal projects.
She is able to follow through on the idea with conviction, passion,
and the planning necessary for every small or complex project.
To find a meaning and a purpose - that`s where it all begins for her.
Customers Bentley Riga, D.FAB, Paviljons Concept Store, Red and Black SALT, Denim Dream stores One Wolf Studio, Galerija Centrs, TBWA Latvia, Zein Knitwear.
Feel free to visit my website.

Mob.+371 26548007

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Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Evalīna Bunta Evalīna Bunta Evelīna Bunta Evelīna Bunta Katrina De Rycke Katrina De Rycke Elvijs Strazds-Svetiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svetiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svetiņš Evelīna Bunta Evelīna Bunta Katrina de Rycke Katrina de Rycke Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Evelīna Bunta Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Gunita Sniķere Elvijs Strazds-Svētiņš Gunita Sniķere Gunita Sniķere Gunita Sniķere Gunita Sniķere